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UI Design

The example is the UI of Equator Music, a Youtube music player. I created the UI design using Sketch along the various states (showing playlists or songs) and icons for the project.

Misty Mountains

This was a school project that I created in Photoshop with a heavy use of blend modes. The criteria was to create an image that could go along with a haiku.

Playing Cards

This was a quick school project made in Illustrator with the concept of modern yet authentic "Gills Sans" playing cards in mind.

Typographic Puma

This was a school project made in Illustrator using words/letters to create an image of a puma.


This was a picture I retouched in Photoshop mainly using color curves.



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(This cover image is a very loose metaphor for computing projects)

Equator Music

A simplistic Youtube music player created in Visual Studio and C# using the .NET framework along with the Youtube/Google API. I put a heavy emphasis on usability through the card design, along with attractiveness through various UI effects created in the pre fluent design era.

Check out the project page here.

Open Source Pause Menu

A robust open source pause menu for Unity3d that controls and saves relevant video and audio settings. It currently has over 6000 users and a 5 star rating on the asset store.

Check out the project page here.


A documentation generator created for Unity3d at Hack the North 2018 with jantepya. It takes the user's code files and generates a responsive website organized by the classes in the code files.

Check out the project page here.


A modern, light, and organized documentation generator. It was born out of the drawbacks I had while using Doxygen to create documentation for Open Source Pause Menu.

Check out the project page here.


About me.
I'm a student developer and designer studying at the University of Toronto, and originally from Boston. My interests include machine learning, data science, UI/UX design, graphic design, and CG graphics.
In my free time I love creating tools that make lives easier: the aim of my personal projects. Besides computing, I love travelling, exploring, and taking pictures (the cover image is a picture I took from the Banff National Park).

Download my resume here.